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25' Small Pond Kit
Perfect kit for any pond typically smaller than 1 acre or a diameter smaller than 50'.
50' Pond kit
200' Large Pond kit
DIY Pond Aeration Products
On this page you will find all of our products with the option to buy it now with PayPal.  If you would prefer to pay a different way just email or call us - we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check by phone, Wire Transfer, and Western Union.
Perfect kit for any size pond typically smaller than 100' across.
Perfect Kit for a large pond - 2 pumps, 4 diffusers, and 200' of Self sink tube.  Larger ponds bigger than 2 acres.
100' Large Pond Kit
Perfect kit for any size pond - same kit as our 25 and 50 just has 100' of Self Sink Tube.
Compressor Replacement
4' RING Diffuser
Need just a Pump - here it is - These have been rebuilt and are ready to plug in and begin using.
AeroTube Diffuser - 4' RING - 16" diameter diffuser - comes with brass tee and clamps.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Qty of 3-4' RING Diffusers
Need an additional set of diffusers?  Click below to purchase 3 4' RING Diffusers - all come with brass tee's and clamps.
3" Replacement Pump Filter
Replacement Filter comes with a foam Debri catch top / small 1/2" tube and a clamp to attach to your pump - that typically last 1 year before needing to be replaced.
2650/2660 Compressor rebuild kit - Rebuild Your own compressor with this fairly easy to install kit.
Compressor Rebuild Kit
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All of our Pond systems are perfect for a DO IT YOURSELF person that wants to save money and still have an aeration system that is comparable to any system on the market today.

Our Compressors ( except when stated NEW) are all rebuilt and as such may show signs of wear I.E. Anodization of metal components, they may be dusty, dirty, discolored, etc.  Capacitors, Power Cord, and Motor Mounts are all used as well and may show similar signs of wear but will be in working condition.

Self Sink Tube, Diffuser's, brass tees, clamps, filters, etc are all Brand New never used.

All motors are tested for function before shipping, and should you have any issues once the item arrives just give us a call or send us an email, and we will correct any issues immediately.

These systems do not come with a cabinet ( unless the system states it does )- THEY must be protected from any moisture ( Snow, rain, sleet, etc ) they cannot get wet, they are not submersible ( unless noted it is a submersible system), they must be protected from the elements.  Most customers will build a plywood box to house the unit in.  The Pumps do run hot and will require adequate ventilation or they will shut down via internal thermal switch.  

Motor Mounts come in a variety of styles and shapes, These will ship with various mounts - Springs, Rubber Mounts, Rubber feet attached to an aluminum base, etc.  All mounts can be easily attached to any metal or wood surface.  Because the mounting varies as to what you plan on mounting it to no additional accessories are included to mount it to whatever you decide to use.  We hope you enjoy your aeration system and enjoyed saving lots of money by buying our rebuilt products.
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Air-O-Lator Font’ N-Aire Legacy decorative floating fountain produces a decorative spray with a minimum height of 4 feet (1.2M) and a minimum diameter of 12 feet (3.6M)  It produces a pumping volume of 80 gallons per minute (303 liters per minute).

The FNA-LGA fountain has a minimum operating depth of 18 inches (.45 meters).

Motor: ½ horsepower, 115 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz, 3450 RPM Franklin Electric submersible motor. Motor amperage is 10.0 with service factor max amperage of 12.0. 
The fountain is supplied with 100 feet (30.5M) of AWG#12 gauge three (3) conductor stranded copper wire with a 115 volt plug.

Time Clock
120 volt, 15 amp (1800 watt), 24 hour multi programmable time switch, with an in line 120 volt, 15 amp (1800 watt) ELCI ground fault circuit interrupter with plug.

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Legacy Fountain with Nozzle - $2,250.00
Please allow up to 10 days to SHIP
The shore mounted rocking piston compressor produces compressed air through a PVC air tube to a membrane diffuser located on the bottom of the pond. The compressed air is released into the water
through the membrane diffuser releasing thousands of fine bubbles, which rise to the surface. As the
bubbles of air rise, oxygen is transferred into the water. Simultaneously, as the bubbles rise, water is pulled upward, creating a flow of water from the bottom of the pond to the surface.  
The Deep Aire Deluxe is an aeration system with a piston type air compressor mounted in a NEMA 3R cabinet for outside installations, PVC air hose,and an air diffuser. Designed to improve oxygen levels and destratification in ponds or lakes.1/2 Hp Rocking Piston Compressor (115V), (3) valved outlet with pressure relief valve, three (3) 100' roll 3/8" weighted PVC tubing, three (3) EPMD2 diffuser, fittings and clamps installed in cabinet with electrical box/outlet, shock mounts, pressure gauge and cooling fan

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Deep Aire Deluxe with Cabinet 1/4 hp NEW $2,360.00    Please allow up to 10 days to SHIP
The Aquarian Professional is a floating surface aerator for ponds, lakes and lagoons for water quality management.

Rugged, stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible motor, UL 778 recognized, water-cooled, water-lubricated.
Eco-friendly motor (no oil required).
No long shafts to bend or become out of balance. Motor has a 5/8" diameter, 1-1/2" long motor shaft.
No seals or bearings to maintain.
50` water resistant power cable.Longer lengths available in 50` increments.
High speed, foul resistant propeller. High shear water spraying action. No lazy spray or bubbles.
Computer designed diffuser engineered to break up the water column for the best oxygen transfer rate.
limited two-year warranty.
​AQ-5-1-50 984AQ5115 1/2-hp, 115-v complete w/36" polyethylene flotation, $1,665.00 and 50' power cord
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Aquarian Floating Aerator  $1,665.00
Please allow up to 10 days to SHIP
1/4 Hp Rocking Piston Compressor in 110 & (230V), outlet with pressure relief valve, one
97DA25102D (1) 100' roll 3/8" weighted PVC tubing, one (1) EPMD1 diffuser, fittings $1,560.00
and clamps installed in cabinet with electrical box/outlet , shock mounts,
pressure gauge and cooling fan
Please allow 10 days to SHIP
Perfect kit for any size and shape pond from 1 to 4 acres.  This kit is similar to the ones above except it comes with the enclosed case with ALL NEW hardware, new pump, new everything.

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